Taupo Population

The population of Taupo has been growing quickly over the last few years as the local economy has improved and Taupo’s facilities have grown in number.

The population of Taupo depends on whether you are talking about the township or whether you were talking about the district.

The population of the Taupo township all the urban centre is 24,100. The population of the Taupo district is 36,200.

The last census of the Taupo area was undertaken in 2013. This was the first census since the census of 2006.

The 2013 census showed up Taupo district population of 32,907 people. Of this total the population of males was 16,134 and the population of females was 16,773. These figures included 9,030 Maori.

At the time of the 2013 census there were 13,398 occupied dwellings and 6,171 unoccupied dwellings in the hole of the Taupo District. At that time also there were 78 dwellings under construction in the Taupo District.

All of these figures above come from the website of Statistics New Zealand.


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