Marotiri is an area between Mokai and Tihoi which extents to the shores of Lake Taupo. It is 34 km from Taupo and about 24-25 minutes to drive to from Taupo Central via Poihipi Road.

Marotiri School is a primary school for students from years 0-8 which caters for the children from farming families in the surrounding areas. It’s located on State Highway 32 (also known as Tihoi Road).

Marotiri is not a settlement or village as such and there are no stores or non-farming houses there.

The only accommodation in Marotiri is back on Poihipi Road at its intersection with State Highway 32 (also known as Tihoi Road). South Claragh Country Accommodation is a bed & breakfast place in an attractive large farming home on the corner.