Otumuheke Stream

The Otumuheke Stream is also know by locals as the Pig Farm as many years ago there was actually a pig farm close to the location. It’s a hot water stream that forms some nice bathing pools just before it meets the Waikato River.

These pools are a great (and free) place to enjoy some of the geothermal water that results from the volcanic geography of the Taupo Region.

Vehicles can be parked in the car park at the top of the hill which is adjacent to the Stream. This is an area that has a high level of thefts so it’s a good idea not to leave any items in a vehicle that you leave in the car park. Break-ins to vehicles in this area are common despite frequent visits from the local Police.

Up until a few years ago there was vehicle access from the Spa Hotel right to the top of the pools and this was great because you could keep a watchful eye on your vehicle and there was not far to walk to your vehicle after your swim. But that lower road was closed by the owners and now the only parking is at the top of the hill in Spa Thermal Park or possibly outside the Spa Hotel.

It takes a few minutes to walk down from the car park to the pools and you will generally find that there are other people in the pools even quite late into the evening and night.

If you are wanting to do the walk from Huka Falls To Spa Thermal Park then the Stream makes a great place to stop and soak your tired muscles in hot water at the end of your tramp.

The Waikato River is quite swift around the outlet of the Otumuheke Stream. And if it’s Summer and you feel like a cold swim be aware that the River is only for very strong swimmers and perhaps out-of-town people should not attempt it.

But some locals for years have been swimming from the Stream’s outlet to Reid’s Farm further down the Waikato River.

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