Oruanui is 13.9 km from Taupo along Poihipi Road. It takes about 10-11 minutes to drive there from Taupo Central.

Oruanui is a farming area but in recent times has become heavily occupied by lifestyle blocks. There are also a few businesses which operate from the area.

The large Te Mihi Power Station is on the south side of Oruanui.

The Oruanui eruption is the area’s claim to fame and this event occurred over 25,000 years ago. Oruanui is part of the massive Taupo Volcano and created vast amounts of volcanic material.

Oruanui connects to State Highway One from both Link Road and Oruanui Road.

There are a few accommodation options in Oruanui. They include Taupo Farm Lodge which is a cottage style holiday home. Minarapa Lodge is a country style bed & breakfast place. Bellbird Ridge Alpaca Farm is a farmstay.

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