Mokai is an old sawmilling town 26.7 km north west of Taupo Central. Its takes about 20 minutes to drive there via Poihipi Road.  You can also travel to Mokai via Poihipi, Oruanui and Forest Roads.

In recent times Mokai has found new commercial life as the centre of the Tuaropaki Trust’s activities in farming, electricity production and green house growing.

Mokai has the Miraka Dairy Factory, a marae and a Country Kidz school.

There are some wonderful old native timber buildings in Mokai left over from its sawmilling days.

The Mokai Power Station is owned by Tuaropaki Power Company and operated by Mercury Energy. The plant currently has a capacity of 110 MW after being upgraded twice in the past.

The only accommodation in Mokai is back up on Poihipi Road at its intersection with State Highway 32 (also known as Tihoi Road). So it is some distance from Mokai. South Claragh Country Accommodation is a bed & breakfast place in an attractive large farming home on the corner.

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