Lake Kuratau

Kuratau Power Station Sign

Lake Kuratau is a place that not so many people, even Taupo locals have heard of. It’s back inland from the settlement of Kuratua and it is the head waters for the Kuratau Dam and Kuratau Power Station which are operated by King Country Energy.

Kuratau Lake
The lake is quite large but it is the smallest of Taupo’s fishable lakes. It has its own boat ramp off Kuratau Hydro Road. It contains small rainbow and brown trout and has a high overall fish population. It can be fished either from the shore or from a boat.
Kuratau Dam
To get to Lake Kuratau just take Kuratau Hydro Road to the East off State Highway 32. You will see it easily to your right as you drive down the road.

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