Kinloch is a settlement 20km to the north west of Taupo on the edges of Whangamata Bay. According to the 2006 Census it had a population of 2,001 people. It’s part of the Taupo District which is part of the Environment Waikato Region. It is one of four settlements in the Taupo District the others being Mangakino, Turangi and Taupo.

It’s built on a flat sloping piece of land that quite gently slopes down towards Lake Taupo and it’s nestled between some very large cliffs on each side. The view to the south includes the mountains and a big part of Lake Taupo.

Traditionally it is a place for out of town people to keep their summer holiday baches. There is also a reasonably large permanent population which includes many retired people. It has a very attractive marina.

Kinloch Marina

But in recent times it has become more developed with the addition of Kinloch Lodge and Kinloch Golf Club as well as a significant amount of subdivision for new housing.

There is a long public beach in Kinloch which is popular with boating and skiing people. The settlement has a store and a couple of restaurants.


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