Joan Williamson Rose Garden

The Joan Williamson Rose Garden

The Joan Williamson Rose Garden was named in recognition of Joan Williamson who was the Mayor of the Taupo Borough from 1986 to 1988 and the Mayor of the Taupo District from 1988 to 2001.

It’s located next to the Taupo Museum & Art Gallery on a level site that includes a beautiful gazebo in its centre.

The photos here were taken during winter time so there are no roses to see although we will be back in the Spring and Summer to get some rose photographs.

Each Rose Variety Is Named

There are rows and rows of different varieties of roses which radiate out laterally from a gazebo in the centre. Each row is marked with the popular but not Latin name of the rose variety planted in that row. There are some fantastic rose names including the Victor Borge in the photo above.

The gazebo in the centre of the Garden is covered in Wisteria but again it was photographed in the winter so the beauty of this plant can not be seen.

The Gazebo At The Centre Of The Garden

When the Garden is in flower it gives off incredible flower scents that make wandering through the area a delight. It is a place that, even though it is close to the Taupo CBD, is very peaceful and relaxing.

The Garden is often used for Marriages and in the Spring and Summer it is not hard to see why. The Garden is secluded and private and makes a great venue for an outdoor wedding.

The Joan Williamson Rose Garden is kept in immaculate order and must take a lot of work to keep it that way year round.

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