Huka Falls


The Huka Falls
The Huka Falls is the most popular tourist attraction in the Taupo area of New Zealand. It’s quite a spectacular scene in which the Waikato River runs through a narrow rock channel about 5 km from the Taupo township.
The Waikato River meanders largely from Taupo  until it gets past Huka Lodge.  The water then reaches a rock channel or gorge where it accelerates into a fast moving white water torrent before spilling over a large ledge into a foaming pool below.
Nearly a quarter of a million litres of water passes over this water fall every second and the power of such an enormous flow is truly awe inspiring. You can feel the power of the falls from any of the viewing platforms located next to the channel itself
The Waikato River is the only outlet of the massive Lake Taupo which is feed my many rivers and streams not the least of which are the rivers running from the three mountains at the south end of the Lake.
Getting to the Huka Falls is easy. On the map below you can see the route which is to take State Highway One north from the Taupo Township until you reach the top of the first hill. Turn right and follow the signs until you reach Huka Falls on the right not far past the entrance to Huka Lodge.
There is a kiosk at Huka Falls and a bathroom. The gates are closed around the time the sun goes down each night in the winter and before in the summer.


Taupo Museum

Taupo Museum in Story Place

The Taupo Museum is the result of decades of work by volunteers and paid employees. It contains a rich history of the Taupo Region which is always expanding It’s a place to see no matter if you’re a tourist or a local. In Story Place it’s very close to Taupo’s CBD (main business area).

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