Taupo News #3

Gourmet pie from Taupo named the best in New Zealand
It took 12 months of tinkering to make Lee Ing’s venison, bacon, mushroom and cheese pie the best in the country. The baker’s gourmet pie didn’t even …

Taupo: Taking a break in your journey
If you’re en route to Wellington or Auckland, Hawke’s Bay or the mountain, Taupo is a great place to stop for a night – especially if you have a car-full of …

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Taupo News #2

Report into skydiving plane crash into Lake Taupo criticises fleeing pilot
The Skydive Taupo plane which crashed into Lake Taupo in 2015. … Roy Clements, Skydive Taupo chief executive, said the pilots was “broken” when …

Ice warning for Napier-Taihape and Napier-Taupo Roads
Eastern Police are warning motorists to drive with caution on Napier-Taihape and Napier-Taupo roads throughout the night due to icy conditions.

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Taupo News #1

Man found dead with gunshot wound in Taupo
A man has been found dead with a gunshot wound at an address near Taupo. Police were called to Whangamata Road, in Kinloch, about 8.45pm to …

Elderly man travelling from Auckland to Taupo crashes
A missing elderly man travelling from Auckland to Taupo has been found down a bank in Whanganui. The 94-year-old man planned to make the trip …

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