Huka Falls

The Huka Falls is the most popular tourist attraction in the Taupo area of New Zealand. It's quite a spectacular scene in which the Waikato River runs through a narrow rock channel about 5 km from the Taupo township.
The Waikato River meanders largely from Taupo  until it gets past Huka Lodge.  The water then reaches a rock channel or gorge where it accelerates into a fast moving white water torrent before spilling over a large ledge into a foaming pool below.
Nearly a quarter of a million litres of water passes over this water fall every second and the power of such an enormous flow is truly awe inspiring. You can feel the power of the falls from any of the viewing platforms located next to the channel itself

The Waikato River is the only outlet of the massive Lake Taupo which is feed my many rivers and streams not the least of which are the rivers running from the three mountains at the south end of the Lake.
Getting to the Huka Falls is easy. On the map below you can see the r…

Taupo Museum

The Taupo Museum is a place to see no matter if you  are a tourist or a local. It's in Story Place which is close to Taupo's CBD or main business area.
It's administered by the Taupo District Council and is overseen by the same branch that operates the Taupo Library.
The Taupo Museum features both indoor displays and an outdoor garden, The Ora Garden, which has won awards for design.
The indoor displays include a quite extensive history of local sawmilling, a Maori Meeting House, a Maori artifact climate controlled room called The Tuwharetoa Gallery, a fishing or hunting caravan called the Kiwiana Caravan, a Taupo's Volcanic Secrets Display and many other artworks.
One particular artwork of interest is the Ruaumoko God Of Carving Sculpture which was carved onsite at the Museum.
The Maori Meeting House or Wharenui is called Te Aroha o Rongoheikume. Photographs are not allowed inside although they are allowed of the building's exterior.

The Garden of Wellbeing or Th…